Donations for prasadam

Dear Devotees! 

Thanks to the leadership of the MKTHK (Hungarian Society of Krishna Consciousness), the international festivals in Krishna Valley are free to particpate. But starting now, we would like to provide free prasadam for everyone. But we need your help with this!

If you can contribute with either a smaller or larger donation to sponsor the feasts, it would be a fundamental way to help to reach our goal!

You can sponsor the feast expenses of a certain festival (fully or partially), or you can give a general donation. If you would like to sponsor a certain feast, please let us know about it in the notes of the bank transfer, or by email (email adress below). Otherwise, we will use your donation to cover the feast expenses of the next festival which has not yet been fully sponsored. 

If we collect more funds then needed for the festival, then we will also use it to cover the expenses of the next festival feast.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact Rasamayi devi dasi at [email protected]

If you would like to donate for this purpose, you can send your donation to this bank account:



Address of the account holder: 8699, SOMOGYVÁMOS, GAURANGA TÉR 1.

Bank: MKB Bank Zrt.

Address of the Bank: 1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.


Account numbers:


Account number: 10300002-10632279-49020014

IBAN: HU09 1030 0002 1063 2279 4902 0014



Account number: 10300002-10632279-48820017

IBAN: HU35 1030 0002 1063 2279 4882 0017

In the 'Notes' column please write: festival feast OR xy festival feast


Expenses of the festival feasts:

Nrisimha Caturdasi: 2.000.000,- HUF (already sponsored for 2024)

Srila Sivarama Swami vyasa-puja: 2.000.000,- HUF (already sponsored for 2024)

Janmastami: 1.500.000,- HUF

Srila Prabhupada vyasa-puja: 2.000.000,- HUF

Radhastami: 2.000.000,- HUF

Radhastami 2. nap: 1.000.000,- HUF

Govardhana-puja: 2.500.000,- HUF

Total:            13.000.000,- HUF

The amounts are given in HUF, but it is also possible to send your donation in other currencies as well, with the corresponding amount. If you would like to send euros, please use the EUR account number. But for any other currencies, please send it to the HUF account number.

If we can collect this amount of Lakshmi, then we will be able to provide free prasadam for everyone. However, if we can collect only a percentage of it, we will be able to give the prasadam with a discount.